SH-2 Seasprite (Kaman)

The following photographs are all about 600 pixels wide (lengths vary), and the file sizes vary between 30kb and 90kb. For the best viewing results, set your monitor to 16-bit or 24-bit color and click on an image below to view it in full size.  As soon as you click on the image, the full-size image will be loaded into another browser window. If you leave that window open, all other images you click on will also be loaded into that window. This will avoid you having to reload this page every time you click on an image.

sh2.jpg (50kb)
sh2.jpg (50KB)

sh2aft.jpg (69kb)
sh2aft.jpg (69KB)

sh2aft2.jpg (56kb)
sh2aft2.jpg (56KB)

sh2cpit.jpg (60kb)
sh2cpit.jpg (60KB)

sh2cpit2.jpg (74kb)
sh2cpit2.jpg (74KB)

sh2cpit3.jpg (78kb)
sh2cpit3.jpg (82KB)

sh2cpit4.jpg (62kb)
sh2cpit4.jpg (62KB)

sh2cpit5.jpg (77kb)
sh2cpit5.jpg (77KB)

sh2nose.jpg (58kb)
sh2nose.jpg (58KB)

sh2portcpit.jpg (74kb)
sh2portcpit.jpg (74KB)
sh2rotr.jpg (54kb)
sh2rotr.jpg (54KB)
sh2snso.jpg (62kb)
sh2snso.jpg (62KB)

sh2sono.jpg (52kb)
sh2sono.jpg (52KB)

sh2tail.jpg (48kb)
sh2tail.jpg (48KB)
sh2turbine.jpg (49kb)
sh2turbine.jpg (49KB)


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